Burton Elementary School

School District 10 - Arrow Lakes

About Burton Elementary School

Burton Academy School opened in September 2014 in the former Burton Elementary School. The building was built in 1998 and was designed to maximise light from the outside and conserving light energy on the inside. The three classrooms are modern and spacious. One classroom is currently used by the Strong Start program, and a second is a community gym managed by Burton  Community Learning Centre as are the school’s gym and library. The grounds comprise of a school field, play area and forest. The location is backed by forest and bluffs- ideal for learning to rock climb.

The third classroom is home to the Outdoor World program on Mondays. Under the teaching and leadership of Mr Dorian Boswell Grade 10-12 students will complete two courses (eight credits) for the Graduation Diploma – Outdoor Education 11 or 12 and Entrepreneurship12 at BAS. Outdoor Education 11/12 is a Board approved course which teaches students knowledge and skills for employment in areas of search and rescue, first aid, traffic control and flagging and avalanche awareness. Entrepreneurship 12 is a Ministry course in which students learning about entrepreneurial concepts, business plan formulation and operation and teamwork and networking. Over the last few years Mr Boswell’s Outdoor Education classes at NSS have marketed flashers, learning about the development of the product in a niche market. Students in the program this year may build on this knowledge to develop a new product that would sell to the outdoor enthusiasts in our region.

For the first time the Outdoor Education course is a full year course therefore the scope of the course is expanding both as it works alongside the Entrepreneurship projects and as it incorporates more opportunities in employment in primary industry, in particular Forestry. This will be a key element of the program in the spring.